Rule #1 Have fun!  Have fun!
Rule #2 Gotta be true to you!
Rule #3 Let yourself be free!
          These are the rules the Dark Alley Dogs live by.  A five-piece guitar-rock band from San Diego, C.A., the band formed in early 2018 (the Chinese year of the dog) and is quickly becoming a stand out in the San Diego music scene.  Comprised of members Brane Chile (main vocals, guitar), Ray Garcia (drums, cowbell), Tony All (rhythm guitar, backup vocals), Matt Weaver (bass, backup vocals), and Jason DeCorse (lead guitar), their live shows are known for ripping guitars, timely anthems, fun and ferocity that leave the audience in a state of sonic rock bliss.  With the upcoming release of their second studio album in late 2019,   Dark Alley Dogs are on track to deliver their brand of high energy, fun loving, feral rock and roll to the masses.
Viva Perros Callejeros!